In order to respect the planet and its inhabitants, Ceylan Vie has in mind to have partners who use the same line of conduct of respect for the environment. It is for that we are in collaboration with

I am upcycled, from Green Life Generation, for soap packaging.
Green Life Generation (GLG) (Private) Ltd is a community based resource management and sustainable development endeavour aimed at building a just and greener world. Their project aims to capitalise on the consumerism inherent in modern society by producing a more ethical product line as well as production line. Their objectif :
. Produce environmentally friendly , creative, attractive and quality furniture and home décor alternatives for the ethical consumer market.
· Provide decent working conditions, flexible working patterns and hours (especially for disadvantaged women and groups) and sustainable livelihoods for families in the local community.

The labels for soaps are made of  elephants “poo”, by Eco-maximus. Maximus is a company manufacturing handmade paper and value added products out of elephant dung and other waste matter. They introduced to the world the art of paper making out of elephant dung in 1997.

The loofahs that are integrated into the soaps come from organic productions, from ECO-V. Eco friendly volunteers is a non profitable voluntary organization established in 2001. They are engaged in environmental conservation in Sri Lanka based on Buddhist Philosophy.

Coconut yarn (coir yarn), a fiber obtained by coconut fibers that have not reached full maturity, these fibers being more flexible. We used it  to attach the labels to the packaging bag of soaps.

We offer our range for sale through the Good Market which is an organized community of social and responsible businesses that are good for people and good for the planet.