All our products are elaborated with plants, in the form of powder, infusion, decoction, oily macerate, aqueous, glycerine and hydro glycerine, mother tincture, in order to use the active ingredients of the different parts of the plants (flowers, stems, leaves, roots).

We use fresh or dried plants, to establish the best formulation of each product to respect and pamper your body.
The benefit of these methods is the extraction of nutrients from the plant for a more intense action of plant active ingredients.
The impact on the planet is reasoned. 

Cultivating, harvesting, using plants in organic farming is for me a priority.
Respect for Nature, Earth, Biodiversity and Man is essential.
The raw materials introduced in our recipes are for the most part from Sri Lanka.

Preservatives are natural.

Some products are better preserved in fridge. We favored an adapted container so that the products remain effective.

Our products are scented not to use synthetic perfume but only natural food products and / or essential oils in small quantities
to avoid possible allergen / allergies.
Essential oils are alive, so products can change color over time. It’s perfectly normal. This does not alter its virtues.

Healthy skin and hair is an indicator of overall good health. Many French women therefore make it a point to take care of their skin while not relying that heavily on makeup. Many of them spend time treating it naturally and ensure that their skin is as healthy as they are. Looking your best naturally is something that many French people believe in.


Oily macerate:

We can infuse fresh or dried plants.
Pour boiling water over the desired amount of plant and cover. Let infuse 10 to 20 minutes. The action of hot water makes it possible to extract the precious active ingredients of the plant and thus be able to absorb them.


Put the chosen plant in a jar, cover with vegetable oil, without closing the lid. Keep two weeks, filter and use.

Mother tincture:


is obtained by letting the plants macerate for three weeks in alcohol and filtering the mixture. We thus obtain a very active product.

Place the desired quantity of plants in a saucepan, add the cold water and heat to a simmer, turn down the heat and simmer for 20 minutes.
Then turn off the heat and let it rest for 20 minutes. (like tea)

Glycerine macerate:

Essential oils:

Put the desired quantity of plants in a blender after having finely cut. Add the glycerin. Place in a jar, close and store away from light for two weeks. Filter the mixture and use it.

are obtained by steam distillation. It is the aromatic part of the plant that is obtained. Essential Oils are very popular
in herbal medicine for their anti-infectious action, hormonal action, nervous regulation, etc.

Hydro glycerine macerate:

Same principle as above with water.