Choupette Solid Shampoo

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Solid Shampoo

80 g +/- 5 g
100 % natural
Square upcycled box

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Organic coconut oil
Olive oil
Castor oil
Illipe oil
Sodium hydroxide
White clay
Coconut milk

The use of a solid shampoo is more in line with the respect of our health and the protection of the planet.
Choupette, thanks to its natural and carefully chosen ingredients, cleans your hair thoroughly right down to the ends. It also preserves the hydration of the lengths and the shine of the hair. Suitable for oily, dry and damaged hair.

How to use:
Washing your hair with the solid shampoo requires very little material per wash.
Lather your solid shampoo in your hands.
Do not rub the scalp or head.
Wash the roots of your hair and your scalp, massaging the latter to stimulate it.
The rinse will then clean your hair to its tip.
Avoid contact with eyes.

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Let it dry after using

Sustainable packaging


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