As in the past, we make soap entirely by hand, using a cold saponification process that avoids the alteration of vegetable oils

This manual process keeps the vegetable glycerin in the soap.
Glycerine is an excellent moisturizer.
The percentage of superfat oil restores the lipid film of the skin.
Organic coconut oil is the main ingredient of our soaps.
The soap washes gently.
The production of this whole range is done entirely in artisanal and traditional way, that’s why each product is unique.

Saponification: it is a chemical reaction between a fatty substance (oils and butters) and lye. During saponification, oil and lye are destroyed (molecules are rearranged) to form two new compounds: soap and glycerin. The chemical reaction occurs until one or other of the ingredients is exhausted. That is, when an ingredient has been fully saponified, no more of its molecules in the mixture, then the saponification stops.
The superfatting will allow to obtain a soft soap for the skin. It is necessary to superfat its soaps whatever the technique used. That is adding oil to the trace.

The organic coconut vegetable oil is obtained by cold pressing. This oil is nourishing, restorative, anti-oxidant (anti aging), antibacterial.
It also contains a lot of vitamin E.
Coconut milk is made with grated coconut pulp. It contains vitamin C, E, B, B3, B5, B6, iron, selenium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper. Moisturizer, improves the elasticity of the skin thanks to copper and vitamin C and prevents wrinkles.

Super fat : sesame oil, rich in vitamin E, mineral salts tones, moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates.
Ricin oil, has anti-microbial properties, anti wrinkles thanks to fatty acids and it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
Our soaps gently wash, for everyday use. Each soap is unique because of its homemade production.
Packaged in a recycled bag: Upcycled cement bags for continuity of Ceylan Vie philosophy of life and provide work for people (women) who need it.
Labels manufactured in handmade elephant dung paper in line with our ecological principles, for the respect of nature.