The 4 super powers of Clays for your skin

100% natural, clay is a wonder for our organism and is an essential care.

Used both orally and when applied to the skin, clays have multiple uses.

But it is especially the benefits of its use, in mask on the face, which are particularly interesting today.

Discover in this article the 4 Super Powers of clays on the skin and why it is very interesting to integrate them into your beauty routine!


What are clays exactly?

A real treasure from the earth, clays have been known since Antiquity and were already used in various fields such as that of medicinal remedies.

Of mineral origin, clays come from our soil:

they are earthy sediments resulting from the disintegration of rocks.

They consist of silicates combined with many minerals such as:Aluminum, Iron, Magnesium, but also Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Cobalt, Manganese, …

We then speak of clay minerals. 

However, these minerals are also present in our body, which is why they are essential for the proper functioning of it.

So, by providing your skin with these different minerals, you will help it regain the balance it needs to function properly.


The properties of clay minerals:

Depending on the origin of the clay and the nature of the surrounding soils, the composition of clays in minerals varies.

So, each clay has its specificity and has interesting properties, which will be more or less sought after depending on your skin type.

For example :

  • Silicon: helps restructure the tissues, prevent sagging of the skin tissue, while improving the elasticity of the skin.

  • Sodium: strengthens cell growth.

  • Magnesium: plays a soothing role and is involved in cell metabolism.

  • Calcium: has a determining role in the metabolism of the nails and the skin.

  • Potassium: intervenes in the flexibility and elasticity of tissues.

  • Iron: improves the synthesis of melanin and the transport of oxygen in the blood.

  • Zinc: helps the regeneration of tissues and collagen.


The beautiful palette of clay colors:

We will noticed that they can be of very diverse colors: white, yellow, pink, red, green…

Among the various minerals, it is essentially iron, which will define the color of clay, depending on its content and shape.

As we saw above, clays come from the ground where we find a more or less oxidized form of iron, which will give clays their colors:

  • the blue-greenness colors found for clays containing Ferrous Iron = Fe2 + (a less oxidized form)
  • The yellow, orange, red colors are typical of clays composed of Ferric Iron = Fe3 + (which is more oxidized)
  • White clay is almost devoid of iron, which is why it is not colored
  • Pink clay is a mixture of red and white clay.

Thus the color of a clay depends on its composition, which directly gives it its properties.


The double property of clay:

Beyond their richness in minerals, clays are known for their great aBsorption property.

Like a real blotter, clay can aBsorb water, grease, dirt … this is a passive phenomenon.

But in addition to its aBsorbent property, clay also has an absorbent property.

ADsorption is this time an active phenomenon, which is characterized by the dynamic capture of molecules. We could compare this effect to that of a vacuum cleaner which would act more deeply.

Thus, clays are capable of fixing chemical substances and compounds to their surface. Studies have shown that clays attract toxins.

These different properties totally justify their use as a mask on the face:

The skin thus freed of dirt, impurities and recharged with minerals then regains its radiance!


What are the 4 super powers of clays for your skin?

Remember: depending on the composition of the clay, its content in such or such minerals will give it different properties.

It is therefore recommended to adapt your mask by choosing the variety of clay to use (white, green, yellow, red, etc.) according to your skin type.

However, clays have 4 super Powers in common.

Whatever its color, a clay is:

  • Cleansing: thanks to its absorbent properties which allow it to capture excess sebum and dirt present in the epidermis. The clay absorbs, without attacking your skin. It is a property particularly sought after for combination to oily skin.

  • Purifying: this time it is the adsorption capacity of the clay which allows it to attract impurities, toxins and then to retain them. It is a real deep cleansing, which rids the skin of its toxins and thus limits skin imperfections.

  • Toning: as clay is very rich in minerals, it promotes cell renewal. It is especially thanks to Zinc and Aluminum that the regeneration of the epidermis is facilitated.

  • Iron oxide also plays an important role and will help boost micro-circulation in the blood.


Next article will tell us how to use these clay powders.