Why should a cosmetic ONLY BE natural?

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Maybe you are starting to get interested and ask yourself if natural cosmetics would not be a great alternative to your conventional routine? 

The skin, this naturally autonomous organ

The skin has the capacity to regenerate itself and naturally thanks to contributions such as lipids, proteins, minerals, vitamins …

She finds all this in the body, thanks to the food.

Only, because of our way of life, the skin can be found in deficiency, and to show certain symptoms:

Dry skin, redness, imperfections, inflammation, dullness … 

Nourish your skin with essentials

But what will you say to me?

Well, they are molecules that can be assimilated by the skin.

We talk among other Omega 3, Omega 6, Antioxidants, Vitamins, minerals …

These molecules are found in nature, especially in quality vegetable oils.

To understand the benefits of natural products, we must know the 2 basic principles of the skin:

1st principle: The skin needs to be supported!

If the skin is deficient natural ingredients, it is obvious that the best way to rebalance it, will be to bring him these GOOD MOLECULES.

And, these must be natural to meet his needs.

It will be important to nourish your skin from the inside by a suitable diet, as from the outside thanks to the natural cosmetics, to support it in its functions.

2nd principle: The skin needs assimilable elements!

These assimilable ingredients are for example:

Omega 3 for sensitive or inflamed skin

Omega 6 to rebuild the lipid cement barrier

Gamma-linoleic acid to regenerate mature skin

Antioxidants to protect the skin from the devastating effects of free radicals

Vitamins and Minerals to strengthen cell functions.

So many components found naturally in Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils, Hydrolates, and other natural, organic and rich ingredients of these active ingredients that our skin needs more than ever. 

Ceylan Vie uses these natural components for the manufacture of its range of natural cosmetics. 

Conventional cosmetics filled with chemical or petrochemical ingredients that favor the SENS (pleasant fragrance, light texture, powdery color …) bring nothing that the skin can assimilate. Some ingredients can even be harmful to her or the environment.

Most of the time, ingredients from petrochemicals, such as paraffin or petrolatum, silicones, will serve as agents of textures or vectors to Cosmetic Ingredients (incorporated in too small a quantity).

Often chemical or derived from natural molecules, but modified, they are not recognized by our skin.

They will act by occlusion, as a plaster. But a plaster does not heal: it protects, camouflages. At one point, it must be removed for the skin to heal. 

Well, let’s remove these products and let the Nature of our Skin act by bringing to it the only molecules that it knows how to use NATURALLY.


Are you using Ceylan Vie NATURAL cosmetics for your skin?