The best way to use Essential Oils

You now know how to recognize a quality essential oil just by looking at the bottle.

Second step we will talk about the best way to use them safely, to enjoy the benefits of your first oils.

This technique is atmospheric diffusion, thanks to which your oils will release all the power of their aromatic fragrances.

One tends to forget it, but as tiny as it is, the perception of an odor generates a psychological and physiological reaction almost instantaneous.

It is the olfactory mucosa, located in the nose, that captures the odorous molecules. After a course in the olfactory cortex, these molecules reach the thalamus and limbic system in the brain. It is the seat of many superior functions, vegetative and reflexes. These functions regulate, among other things, emotions, pleasure, memory, the nervous system, and so on.

A pleasant smell invites benevolence and friendliness, while a negative smell can generate animosity, disgust and sadness.

Atmospheric diffusion also helps to clean the atmosphere and neutralize bad odors. 

To clean the air, essential oils are a real panacea. Antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic, they instantly help to purify the atmosphere you breathe. It’s all your bronchopulmonary system that benefits.

That’s why when you release an essential oil, you immediately benefit from a concentrate of benefits for:

Fight fatigue

Improve concentration

Sanitize the ambient air

Deodorize a room

Promote relaxation and well-being

Fight against microbes and bacteria

Find energy

Invite to meditation


It is also the most gentle and respectful way to the body that I know because you avoid the risk of oral intoxication or skin irritation.

The only thing you need are good essential oils (you now know how to recognize them), but above all a quality diffuser.

To fully enjoy the olfactory benefits of essential oils, it is important to choose the diffuser.

This is what we are going to see now.

The best possible diffusion is cold, that is to say without heat source capable of distributing harmful compounds in the air.

Indeed, you should never heat the essential oils under penalty of destroying all their health benefits and release toxic compounds in the air.

If you have to remember one thing here, it’s that choosing your broadcaster is above all choosing your method of broadcasting. 

Let’s start with the aromatic pebble

It is a neutral support of natural origin on which you drop a few drops of essential oil. The volatile nature of essential oils allows a spontaneous diffusion in the atmosphere.

Very convenient to transport, easy to use and without the need for connection, the roller has the advantage of diffusing oils without heating them.

But the disadvantages that can be found to him are its weak capacity of diffusion and its effect limited to the simple deodorization of a small surface. 

The nebulizer diffuser

It’s the Rolls-Royce of broadcasters. It works thanks to a pump that pulses air on the surface of the essential oil previously placed in a glass bulb. It is very effective and often recommended in hospitals. 

But like the Rolls-Royce, this broadcaster is often very expensive. It uses a large amount of oil, requires a lot of maintenance (glassware cleaning every 2 to 4 weeks) and is fragile because designed in glass.

It is best to use this type of diffuser once you are familiar with aromatherapy.


Ultrasonic or misting diffuser

This is the ideal compromise when you buy your first diffuser.

It emits ultrasound that disperses oils in the form of microparticles, and projects an aromatic mist into the atmosphere. It is probably the most versatile and the one you buy for the first broadcaster.

It allows a cold diffusion which does not denature by the essential oils and the diffusion can last a long time without risk to saturate the atmosphere (will be diffused only the few drops of essential oils which you will have deposited in the container).


Good use, Enjoy!

Florent Cavaler, news letter Pure Santé


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