Amazing ! the Layering to keep a beautiful skin.

How to take care of our face skin: the Layering

The ritual of layering is an Asian technique that involves daily superimposing several layers of cleansing and moisturizing care on the face. This ritual allows the water to penetrate deeper into the epidermis and especially to be retained.

Layering for maximum hydration. There is 7 steps :

1- cleaning with oil and make up remover

2- soap cleaning

3- hydrosol/floral water/lotion

4- serum

5- eye contour

6- day/night cream

7- lip balm


There is some rules for the Layering:

  • Prevent rather than heal: it is the No. 1 pillar of layering and the relationship to beauty in Korea. We begin to take care of our skin before the damage occurs, because we assume that damage is more difficult to reverse once installed.
  • We test little by little: Do not be discouraged by a bad reaction, the good product is necessarily waiting for you somewhere. One of the rules is to slowly introduce your care into your routine . If you inflict 10 new products on the skin at once, it may be disturbed and defended by producing imperfections. The problem is that by using several novelties at once, you will not be able to designate the culprit in case of intolerance.

As an indication, the skin takes 21 days to be renewed, so take the time to test a new product thoroughly before decreeing that it is not effective enough (of course, if you have an allergic reaction, stop immediately) .

  • Each step has a meaning: to practice layering is above all to understand his philosophy. Doing things in the right order is important because each step prepares the skin to receive the next one, which can only act effectively with the help of the previous one.

There is no universal routine or “miracle”

Each skin is unique and has its own threshold of tolerance!

  • Patience is required:

Moreover, every season or “moment of life” his routine: a product that you have agreed today may not be suitable in 6 months. This is perfectly normal !
The skin evolves at your own pace: climatic conditions, lifestyle, medical treatment and hormones greatly influence its state of the moment. It’s up to you to adapt your routine to all these changes.

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Step 1:

Makeup removal is one of the most important steps in the beauty routine of all women. It is used to remove traces of makeup, perspiration and pollutants that have accumulated on the surface of the face during the day not to “clog” the pores of the skin. The oil, often considered to be too fat, is nevertheless very effective in removing all the impurities by taking them off perfectly. You can use an organic vegetable oil (olive, coconut, sweet almond or argan oil) that you choose according to your skin type. You can use “Mistral” face cleanser and makeup remover from Ceylan Vie as well.

The right gesture: on dry skin, apply the oil/Mistral with both hands in light circular movements. Start from the chin and go up to the outside of the eyelids. Then, continue by the forehead, the outline of the mouth, the nose, the eyes and the times. Finish by smoothing from the bottom to the top of the entire face, then from the top down to the eyes and finally from the center to the outside of the face. Rinse with clear water.


Step 2: cleaning

In order to eliminate the fat left by the oil, it is necessary to use a soap to purify the skin and make the cleanest possible. The goal here is to remove the last traces of dirt, without attacking the skin.
The right gesture:  apply the cleanser using the same movements as for the make-up removal step with oil, then rinse with clear water. No need to scrub the skin too much, your actions must be delicate.


Step 3: the lotion/floral organic water

The application of the lotion is the third stage of layering. It is used to tone and tighten the pores of the skin to give it a cleaner appearance. You have the choice between using a lotion adapted to your skin type or adopt a floral organic water (or hydrosol) with its own specificity (healing, soothing, rebalancing, softening …).
The right gesture: soak a cotton lotion and dab it on the entire face. If it is in the form of a spray, spray it on the face, let it penetrate a few seconds and dry it with a tissue.

The floral organic water rebalance the ph of the skin and allows serum and cream to penetrate deeper.


Step 4: the serum

Serum is not a moisturizer and does not replace it under any circumstances! It applies before it to stimulate the cells of the epidermis. You have several of their ranges: anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, anti-redness …
The right gesture: apply the serum with your fingertips, circularly starting with the neck and going up to the forehead. 


Step 5: The eye contour

The outline of the eye is often a part of the neglected face and it is not uncommon for some to skip this step by just applying the serum and moisturizer. This area is very fragile, because the skin is very thin, is prone to pockets, dark circles and other wrinkles, so we must take the utmost care by using a gel or a cream specific to the contours of the eyes.
The right gesture: on the eyelids and the underside of the eye, apply a small amount of contour to the eyes by gently tapping the area with the fingertips. Do not try to penetrate the product by smoothing, you damage your skin more than you do him service!


Step 6: the cream of day and night

The application of the cream of day and night is the step not to be missed! It primarily helps to moisturize or nourish the skin, but also to treat certain problems such as blemishes (acne, enlarged pores, irregularities of the complexion …) or the signs of skin aging (wrinkles, fine lines, spots). Ideally, the day cream should contain a UVA / UVB protection to fight against the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.
The right thing to do: place a hazelnut in your hands and heat the cream by rubbing them against each other. Apply it all over the face, always from top to bottom by laying the whole surface of the hands. Lightly pat the skin to make it penetrate smoothly.

Step 7: the lip balm

The lip balm completes the layering. It is used to moisturize, nourish and repair lips. It should not only apply in winter as many tend to believe, but all year to protect them from external aggressions (humidity, sun, cold …).
The right thing to do: after lightly exfoliating dead skin with a toothbrush or a gentle exfoliating product, pat your lips with a balm or a stick, emphasizing the most desiccated areas.

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