Why cleanse your skin face ?

Why cleanse your face ?

Your skin naturally produces secretions like sebum, perspiration, and will evacuate certain toxins through its pores. By regenerating it forms new cells and old dead cells flake and remain stuck to the surface of the skin.

On the other hand, your skin functions as a barrier which protects your body from external aggressions, which is why it retains a lot of dirt, dust or micro-organisms …

If you don’t cleanse your skin morning and evening:
It will suffocate, regenerate badly, become dull and dry up.
The pores will expand.
The bacteria present on the surface of the skin will encrust the pores.
Imperfections will appear.

How to clean it effectively?

In the impurities present on your skin, there are particles:

  • fat-soluble like sebum, makeup or other substances …
  • water-soluble like perspiration with certain toxins …

This requires a protocol that dissolves these 2 types of particles.
You must cleanse your skin in the morning and in the evening to remove the substances deposited on it as well as the secretions that it may have produced.
In order to perfectly cleanse your skin, first use an Oleo-Limestone liniment.

  • The liniment consists of 50% vegetable oil and 50% lime water: these 2 ingredients interact with each other in a saponification process. It removes impurities and leaves a protective film on the skin. 
    It is suitable for all skin types.

However, just like soap, the oleo-limestone liniment has a basic pH, while the pH of the skin is acidic. It is therefore advisable to rebalance the pH of the skin to complete facial cleansing with a hydrosol.

  • Hydrosols come from the steam distillation of plants. During this steam distillation, we obtain essential oil on the one hand and hydrosol on the other hand. During this process, the volatile aromatic molecules that are water-soluble (soluble in water) will then mix with the condensed water vapor.

Hydrosols therefore contain a small percentage of aromatic molecules, which explains both their smell and their properties.
Hydrosols complement facial cleansing to remove water-soluble particles that have become encrusted, especially after using the oleo-limestone liniment, which mainly removes the fat-soluble particles present in the sebum. They rebalance the pH of the skin: by counterbalancing the alkalinity of the liniment used to cleanse the skin.

Depending on your skin type, here is some hydrosol suggestions that will suit you:

  • Combination or oily skin: Peppermint Hydrosol
  • Dry or mature skin: Rose Hydrosol
  • Fragile, sensitive, hyper-reactive skin, prone to rosacea: German Chamomile Hydrosol
  • Irritated, fragile, sensitive skin: Italian Helichrysum Hydrolat


How to do ?

  • Shake your bottle of oleo-limestone liniment.
  • Spread a little liniment directly with your fingertips on your face (you can also spread it on a cotton or washable wipe).
  • Massaging gently upwards and outwards on your entire face, eyes and neck, without rubbing.
  • Then spray the hydrosol of your choice directly on the face, or on a cotton pad and pass it to remove the impurities.

Once a week perform an exfoliating and / or purifying treatment depending on your skin with aloe vera gel, a clay mask, or an exfoliating balm.