Cosmetic fasting


Why not take advantage of this period of confinement to grant your skin a cosmetic fast: a break during which you will not apply anything to it, to then find healthier and more beautiful skin!

Like a parenthesis in your daily life, this practice in particular allows your skin to breathe better so as to fully play its role of emunctory, without any cosmetic obstacle.


Who can do a cosmetic fasting cure?

Whether your skin is prone to dry, combination, normal, oily, or even prone to acne, you can regularly put it on a diet.

Indeed, your epidermis does not need cosmetics all the time. Because the more you get used to creams or treatments, the more you keep it “in its place”. She then becomes lazy, will stop working by herself and will then end up “demanding” the application of your cosmetics to find some comfort.

You realize then that the more you take care of it, the more it gets used to it.

This is of course valid for the face, and in particular the lips, but also the hands, or the body.

If on the contrary, you offer your skin a real break, you give it the opportunity to “do its job properly”. It will then, like any other organ in your body, feed from the inside, and draw on the molecules that you bring to it through food.

However, this fasting practice is unsuitable for skin that suffers from problems requiring daily care.

This is the case for example of very dry skin, atopic dermatitis, dartres, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, …


What are the benefits of a cosmetic fasting treatment for your skin:

Your skin is like you, it needs to rest, breathe, and eliminate at times!

Let’s not forget that the skin also has an elimination role. This is called an emunctory organ: the epidermis can reject certain waste products from the organism through the sebaceous and sweat glands.

By not putting anything on your skin from time to time, you allow it to give free rein to this elimination function, without hampering it by a “cosmetic barrier”.


The benefits of cosmetic fasting are manifold:

  • Make your skin less dependent on cosmetics (care, creams, make-up, etc.) by allowing it to work on its own.
  • Detoxify it.
  • Stimulate exchanges by oxygenating it, it will be revitalized.
  • Facilitate the regeneration process of your skin, which takes place at night.
  • Let the sebum production regulate – the hydro-lipid film will form itself after cleaning your face.

Appreciate your natural beauty !!!


How to proceed ?

It is true that this period of confinement is good enough to put your skin to rest.

In other circumstances, choose a Weekend where you plan to stay quietly at home. Because during the fast, it is better to avoid that your skin is exposed to the rays of the sun, or to pollution (if you live in an urban area).

Also take advantage of this moment to rest!

You can also plan a cosmetic fast the day after a treatment in an institute that has engorged your skin with active ingredients.


To start your cosmetic fast, choose to start in the morning or in the evening:

after cleaning your skin well, you will not apply anything to it for 24 to 48 hours.

Here is the process in detail:

1- Carry out a gentle but effective cleansing of your face using the layering technique:

Use a cleansing oil to thoroughly cleanse your skin and also remove residues and fatty substances.

Then to remove excess oil, cleanse your face with lukewarm water and mild soap. Prefer a cold soap saponified so as not to dry out your skin.

Or if your skin is prone to dryness, prefer to remove make-up / cleansing with the oleo-limestone liniment.

Finish with a cotton ball/a cloth cleansing wipe from your usual hydrosol, then dry it.


2 – Do not apply anything on your skin (no cream, oily serum, or makeup). It is now clean and ready to work by itself!


3 – In the evening or the next morning, you can simply put a cotton pad moistened with hydrosol on your face, then dry it.


4 – During the fasting period, manipulate your skin as little as possible. It’s a time of great rest!

If you have pimples or blemishes, avoid touching them.


Are there any drawbacks during the treatment?

If your skin tends to be dry, you may experience some discomfort or tightness. Your skin will have to find its own balance and it will take a few hours to adjust. Show yourself patient.

Conversely, oily skin can end up with shiny skin:

if so, dab very gently with a tissue to gently absorb excess sebum.


What to bring to your skin during this time?

For this treatment to be beneficial for your skin, it’s better that you eat properly, in a balanced way, avoiding sugar, dairy products, animal fats and alcohol.


Provide your skin with what it needs through a diet rich in:

  • vitamins and minerals: seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • lipids including omega 3: hazelnut oil, flax…; blue-skinned fish (sardines, salmon, herring, tuna, etc.); as well as nuts, hazelnuts, Macadamia nuts, cashews, flax seeds…


Also drink very regularly, varying with water, tea, herbal tea, etc.

Oxygenate your body with deep, slow breaths through your nose several times a day.


Continue the benefits of fasting!

After this 24 to 48 hour cure, you can continue to let your skin work by itself as much as possible.

In the evening, clean it properly, possibly apply a small dab of Aloe vera gel and that’s it!

Indeed, there too, not applying anything to your epidermis in the evening facilitates the elimination of toxins and breathing from your skin. It is also during the night that the hydrolipidic film is rebuilt.

Upon waking, you can also gently massage your face with the film that has formed: it’s like an emulsion! Then you will clean your face then, before applying a serum to protect your skin from dehydration and external factors (wind, cold, sun, pollution …).


You can also offer this “break” to your skin, regularly at the rate of 24 to 48 hours per month. This is called the monthly fast!


Source : Oleassence en luberon