Why can you have a “rebound” effect when you switch to natural cosmetics?

The skin having been stuffed with paraffin, silicone, antiseptics … (components of conventional cosmetics) for months or even years, it has completely unlearned to work when it no longer has the usual synthetic protective components. It is totally lost and rebels which results in redness, pimples, dander, itching….
It no longer produces sebum and becomes dry, and the more you apply conventional cosmetics the more it becomes dry.
There may be appearance of:
– perioral dermatitis*
– hyperactivity see hypersensitivity
– acne
– rosacea
– eczema

*is an erythematous and papulopustular facial rash that looks like acne and / or rosacea, but usually starts around the mouth

When you start using natural products, the skin manifests as a “rebound” effect: pimples, redness, hyperactivity, itching, tightness, flaking, large pores, dull appearance. The skin is completely unbalanced, this condition can last a long time, it will depend on:
– its addiction time to conventional products
– products used more or less harmful in the long term
– of the amount applied
– repeated cleaning or exfoliation
– unbalanced food
– from stress

The skin defends itself as it can:
– It opens his pores to let the sebum pass
– this unbalances the pH (5.5), which promotes the imbalance of bacteria in the skin
– the stratum corneum produces even more corneocytes *
– blood vessels provide more heat
All this confirms a completely unbalanced skin.

*Corneocytes are terminally differentiated keratinocytes and compose most if not all of the stratum corneum, the outermost part of the epidermis. They are regularly replaced through desquamation and renewal from lower epidermal layers, making them an essential part of the skin barrier property.

The rebound effect is a common but not systematic phenomenon:
– the duration is very variable up to 6 months for the most important cases
– total diet may be the only way out, to force the skin to rework
– this can happen immediately or a few weeks later

The skin has a huge capacity to regenerate, it just needs time, the renewal of the stratum corneum is 4 weeks.
You should also bring a diet rich in Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, as well as fruits and vegetables.